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This is the story of a friend of mine who was older than me that I cared a lot for, whom I thought was very wise:


He was bullied by a group at school when he was young. They were messing with him all the time. He used to respond them what they did to him. If they hit him he would hit back. If they spat on him he would spit back at them and the bullying carried on.
Then one day he reacted in a completely unexpected way. When they hit him, he reacted with love and gave the person who hit him a hug. They didn't know how to react. Nobody expected it. They left him alone afterwards.
My friend used to say: "Answer them with love when they do bad to you. Cause it's easy answering evil with evil, it is to be expected. But it leaves them confused if you react with love. This is because they don't know how to react to love. Give them love and surprise them."

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