''My Kaaba is HUMAN'' is an independent photography project.

I realize this project within my own practical and economic circumstances, with big support from volunteers, with loving hearts and people who are willing to support economically. This project would not exist without many people's support. I will try to mention the names of people who support me, insofar as possible, below.

If you believe this project might make a difference and a small change in the world, and if  you want to be part of  it, you can support with any amount of money you want.

You can buy my flight/ bus/ train ticket, you can cover the travel costs or pay for equipment/accommodation/visa/food/ coffee... Any kind of support is welcome from anyone who wants to be part of this project.

You can transfer money to the bank account of the project:


IBAN: PT50 0023 0000 4556 4349 3219 4


Please don't forget to mention your name and surname when transferring the money so I can add you among the 'sponsors and supporters' and to the book that will be published in future.



Remziye İpek Tunagur &Serdar  Tunagur  - Sponsors of the photography exhibition in Lisbon

Morocco Sahara Desert  Travel (MSDT) - Portugal - Morocco Flight Ticket

Alan Matthews (Ireland) 

Jonathan Celestin (Canada) 

Financial Supporters for the Exhibition in Marrakkesh

Remziye İpek & Serdar Tunagur

Ela Mazmanoğlu

Morocco Sahara Desert Travel (MSDT) Travel Company

Filipe Graça

İlyas Kirkan

Kader İpek

Stefano Turchi

Şener Şimşek

Şenol Şimşek

Miguel Gaspar

Erwan Kosen

Vitor Daniel Marques

Nana Moriya

Benjamin Coste

Alain Andrey

Valérie Pinard

Erika Pascoal

Adem Tan

Mehmet Açıkgöz

Ola Nadziejko

Laura Hudson Mackay

Xaviera Kocahal



Lucas Barrios

Main Editor in Turkish

Ela Mazmanoğlu

Co-editor in Turkish

Perçem U. Yıldızbaş

Main Translator to English

Canberk Çetin

Main Translator to French

Nathália Macri Nahas

Main Translator to Polish

Emma Kocik

Co-Translators to English

Diogo Reis

Ayça Pınar Doğan

Behice Sevinç

Şermin Sarıca

Sultan Şahin

Meltem Başoğlu

Co-Translators to French

Benjamin Coste

Matthieu Rego

Diogo Reis

Esen Tütüncü

Meryem Dutoğlu

Şahender Yılmaz

Nazan Aksoy

Elif Sinem Sönmez

Şermin Sarıca

Meltem Başoğlu

Proof Readings in French

Benjamin Coste

Georges Lopes

Arnaud Fillion

Marie Fages

Fabienne Couvreur

Jean-François David

Vitor Daniel Marques - Support with Portuguese - English translations

İlyas Kirkan - Support for the Photography Exhibition in Lisbon

Alan Matthews - Support with editing English content of the website

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