I backpack and travel the world;
 I take photos and tell human stories.
“My Kaaba is HUMAN” is a project inspired by the Alevi / Bektashi philosophy, founded in Anatolia during the 13th century. It focuses on the idea of the unity of ‘’God, cosmos and human’’ and aims to put this into practice. According to this understanding, what we are looking for is not far away but in person himself. Because the greatest book to read is “the human being”.

With this aim, I travel around the world and tell the stories of people I met during the journey. Because, when we know about the story of the people who are on the other side of the world, we become aware of our similarities. Thus, we all continue the way. By knowing we are not alone. Because somewhere in the world there is someone who shares your feelings, your fears, your worries, your dreams, your happiness and sadness. And their story is actually your story.
Because we are more similar than we think, we are more connected than we can imagine… 
The stories are being published by Biamag (Turkey) and by Buala (Portugal).
You can reach the stories through social media channels below.
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Published by Biamag
Published by Buala


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2020 - Solo Exhibition, Cafe Clock Cross Cultural Events, Marrakech, Morocco

2018 - Exposição Um Peixe Fora d'Água, Galerias Abertas das Belas-Artes, Lisbon, Portugal

2018 - GAB - A, Galerias Abertas das Belas-Artes, Lisbon, Portugal

2018 - Solo Exhibition, Cinema São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal

2017 - 2018 – Sanatabiyer Photo Exhibitions, Istanbul, Turkey

2017 - Soma Photo Exhibition from the View of Photographers, Istanbul, Turkey

2016 - ‘Women and Life’ Theme Photography Exhibition, Izmir, Turkey

2015 - Postal Freek Madrid, 2 photographs of cartpostals of Lisbon.


Meet The Team

Sinem Taş

Photographer,  Filmmaker, Storyteller.

She left her job in July, 2019, to be able to realize her life-time project. Now she is constantly on her journey, travelling around the world, finding people and mining their stories.

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Ela Mazmanoglu


Behind every success, there is a woman! 

She is the first station of the stories.

She supports the project with her knowledge of literature, her talent for editing and her huge, loving heart. She is full of inspiration.

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Canberk Çetin

English Translator

He translates the stories from Turkish into English. His talent is not only his great level of English but also a passion of translation.  He is the 'Atom Ant' of translation.

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Nathália Macri Nahas

Portuguese / French Translator

She translates the stories from English into Portuguese (Brazilian) and French. She is our multilingual queen! Brings her joy and talent for translation into the project. Besides, she is a great Portuguese teacher!

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Diogo Leite

Social Media Manager

He is the king of social media!

He unites his journalism background and social media managing skills and brings it to the project.

When the stories are all ready, he posts them in social media so he is our bridge to the whole world.

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