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Sinem TAS is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher currently pursuing her PhD in MultiMedia Art at the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon University, where she is also affiliated with the CIEBA Research Center. In 2022, she was awarded a PhD research scholarship from the FCT - Science and Technology Foundation.

TAS completed her bachelor's degree in International Relations at Uludag University in Bursa, Turkey, in 2013. Later, she transitioned into the field of photojournalism, working as a photojournalist for the Ege’nin Sesi - local journal - in Izmir, Turkey, covering news and protests contributing articles as an opinion columnist.

Since relocating to Lisbon in 2014, TAS has been actively engaged as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. TAS completed her master's degree in MultiMedia Art/Photography at the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon University, with scholarship from the Ayhan Sahenk Non-Governmental Organisation, Turkey. She has collaborated on various projects, including participating in KINO-DOC film courses in Portugal where she served as a camera assistant on the documentary "Ospina Cali Colombia," exploring the life and work of Colombian director Luis Ospina.

TAS participated in group exhibitions in the UK, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey; had solo exhibitions in Portugal, Turkey and Morocco. In 2022, TAS collaborated with Portuguese composer João Quinteiro on the project "Depurações para um Regresso," participating in an artistic residency with video production at Hermes Nove pm in Lisbon. She was invited to the Faberllull Artistic Residency in Olot, Spain, in the same year.Tas, won 4th Prize Winner Award in A-PLACE: Mapping Contest in 2022 with her photograph named ‘…Said the Chair’. In October 2022, guided tours for children as 'educational service' events were organised by curator Telma Silva for the AUTRUI exhibition in Porto. 

She is recently commissioned for a video installation for the Opera - Depurações para um Regresso - that will be premiered in O’culto de Ajuda, on 31.05. 2024 & 01.06.2024.



(2024) Blurred Visions International Group Exhibition, MILLEPIANI, Rome, Italy

(2023) Group Exhibition 'The New Artist’, Boomer Gallery, London, UK

(2023) Group Exhibition Window to the Soul, AVE22 MetaGallery

(2023) Group Exhibition - Schrödinger’s Cat, Gallery of Fine Arts Faculty, Lisbon, Portugal

(2023) Solo Exhibition, Galeria Sede - Anita Guerreiro Junta de Freguesia de Arroios, Lisbon, Portugal

(2022) Solo Exhibition, Casa das Artes, Porto, Portugal

(2022) Group Exhibition, A-Place Mapping, Plaza Blocs Florida in Hospitalet, Barcelona, Spain

(2020) Solo Exhibition, Cafe Clock Cross Cultural Events, Marrakech, Morocco

(2018) Exhibition Um Peixe Fora d'Água, Fine Arts Faculty / Open Galleries, Lisbon, Portugal

(2018) GAB - A, Open Galleries of Fine Arts , Lisbon, Portugal

(2018) Solo Exhibition, Cinema São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal

(2017 - 2018) Sanatabiyer Photo Exhibitions, Istanbul, Turkey

(2017) Soma Photo Exhibition from the View of Photographers, Istanbul, Turkey

(2016) ‘Women and Life’ Theme Photography Exhibition, Izmir, Turkey

(2015) Postal Freek Madrid, 2 photographs of cartpostals of Lisbon.

Upcoming Exhibitions

(30.06 - 08.07.2024) MYTHOLOGY-INSPIRED International Group Exhibition, MILLEPIANI, Rome, Italy

(18.01.2025 - 08.06.2025) Solo Exhibition, MUME - Museo Memorial del Exilio, Girona, Spain

Honours and Awards

(2022) A-PLACE: Mapping Contest Award, 4th Prize Winner

(2022 - Current) PhD Research Scholarship by FCT - Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal.

(2015 - 2017) Education Scholarship (Master Degree) by Ayhan Sahenk Foundation, Turkey.

Art Residencies

(2022) Artistic residency / Faberllull - Olot / Spain

(2022) Artistic residency / Collaboration with João Quinteiro for the Project “Depurações para um Regresso”, Portugal.

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