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Red on Fire

Photography is of great importance to me in developing a distinct perspective on life and events and in seeing the simplest elements of daily life with a different perspective. This photograph was taken while thinking about menstruation. While red represents the color of passion and monthly cycle, fire represents the stance that women have to adopt every day in their lives.

red on fire.JPG

‘I am alive by chance’

On the grounds of the exhibition concept based on the mental experiment of Schrödinger’s cat, I aim to explore the artistic creation inspired from my recent state of mind rooted in my experiences during the earthquake that occurred in Turkey. After my arrival to Izmir, on 5th February 2023, I woke up next morning with the news of the magnitude 7.8 and 7.6 earthquakes that took place in the south of the country. In total 11 cities were affected. Over 50,000 people died - registered in records -. Thousands remain missing. Not only with the extent of the destruction with these earthquakes but also with the endemic corruption and government policies, it was understood that many new buildings were not safe. More than 160,000 collapsed like lego toys and several were damaged. Therefore, the consequences of this natural disaster became worse with human failings and corruption. read more...


… Said the Chair

‘’She was looking at me almost every single day of the last 1, 5 years. Well… She was not really looking at me. I was inside her gaze but she was actually looking at the sky, the sun, the trees, the branches, the pine cones and the houses, the cars passing through. A very little amount of cars passing through.  Once I noticed she counted the trees outside. She doubted what she counted. She was not sure if some trees were hiding behind others. 'I don’t believe in numbers' she thought. She counted them again the next day. '16. Weird. They really look less.' read more.

Said the Chair.JPG
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